RJ Keahey

I would be dead today if I had not gotten the Naltrexone Implant.My journey of opioid addiction started at age 13. Addiction 101 quickly teaches the art of deception; my maintenance level was 60 ten milligram Norcos a day. Like most seasoned addicts, I’ve tasted every drug out there. One night I ingested Fentanyl-laced Herion on the heels of a smorgasbord of other drugs. My mom found me in respiratory arrest on my side porch. She did CPR while waiting for the rescue squad. I have overdosed 11 times; 6 of those times my parents found me. I was life-flighted twice during the last year of my addiction, during my last stay in critical care, my mom was searching the internet for hope. There she learned about the Naltrexone Implant. The day I left the hospital, we dialed the number (number inserted) and a very knowledgeable man with a strong English accent (Iain) gave us hope. Within a week we had passports and it was a simple outpatient procedure. I was cured of addiction. I am year and half clean! The Naltrexone Implant Rocks!