Jessica B.

My first year with the O’ Neil implant. Coming to find out about Dr. O’Neils implant was the result of total desperation. I was using 2+ grams of heroin daily and every second of my life was miserable. I didn’t look forward to anything, my entire existence revolved around my dealer. I had tried oral naltrexone in the past but I simply diverted it and lacked the motivation and will power at the time to take my medication instead of using. Later, I tried vivitrol with some success but quickly discovered it wore off about a week to a week and a half early. My cravings would return and during that last week I would end up on a bender of sorts. I decided after several months to try the two month implant. My initial response was positive but again, the medication did not last two months and several weeks prior to my next appointment cravings would return and relapse would follow. I started doing research with my mom and we found out about Dr. O’Neil. I read about his implant, called the Olani that claimed to last a year. This seemed to be the best option for me. I wanted to feel protected for more then 6 weeks. I also didn’t want to keep having outpatient surgery every other month and having to take strong antibiotics was seriously disrupting my system. Much to our disappointment we found out that the Olani implant was not available in the USA. My mom found a number for The Naltrexone Implant Center, located in Nassau, Bahamas. The next week we were on a plane. We met Ian at the airport and I had my implant the following day. Within 24 hours I noticed that I had absolutely zero cravings. The doctor who performed the procedure was very skilled and I healed very quickly. I returned home and started to rebuild my life. With every other implant or shot or pill I had taken in the past I would end up using, successfully, about halfway through. I really expected to experience a recurrence in cravings after 6 months based on my experience with other naltrexone products. However, that was not the case. I celebrated a year of sobriety with a second implant from Nassau. I have noticed so many positive effects that I can’t attribute to anything other then the implant. My mood was uplifted, I didn’t have that deep sense of longing for opiates anymore. I truly felt free, and I felt hope. There was no clinic to visit every day, week or month. I was simply just ok. I was and still am happy. I am now two years out from using heroin. I feel stronger then I’ve felt in the past and I’ve been able to make progress in my life and pursue my goals. I believe in this product and I wish it was easier to access in the United States. Currently clinical trials are taking place, which is great but I can’t help but wonder how many people will loose their battle with addiction while those trials are being completed.