Naltrexone Cost

At the Naltrexone Implant Center we believe that the recovery and path to success should be affordable so that those who need help getting clean can get that help. Included in the price is the implant, procedure, any medical tests that you may need, meals, local travel, and accommodations for you and a loved one. One of our detox treatments will be added to the price, if necessary.

When you receive your OLANI you will be required to stay at our center for 24 to 36 hours so that we can assess the implant’s success and evaluate your health. However, if you are receiving one of our opiate detox services, as well as an implant, you will be required to stay with us for a total of six days. All of your accommodations during this time, as well as your meals, will be included in the price you are quoted.

Our price also includes the ability to bring a relative or friend with you, so that they may support you during this process. They will also receive complimentary accommodations, meals, and local transportation for the entire stay. Our Naltrexone Implant Center physicians and staff believe that you deserve to receive exceptional care at an affordable cost. We want you to succeed. Give us a call to discuss the treatment, time-frame, and cost, and how the OLANI could benefit you and help you manage your addiction.

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