Aftercare Support

Our Aftercare & Support Plan

Once our doctors have cleared you to travel, you are welcome to return to your normal life. After you’ve returned home, we recommend that you surround yourself with a strong support system, create positive goals to achieve over the next year, and focus on creating a healthy environment in which you can recover from your addiction. Follow these steps to ensure you meet your goals and achieve success:

Create a Positive Environment to Recover In
  1. Distance yourself from the environment and people that encouraged you in your addiction.
  2. Consider staying with a family member, taking a long holiday, or making any radical changes that you think could help you stay clean in the future.
  3. We recommend joining a group that is new to you, even if you have not had success with groups in the past.
  4. To the best of your ability, create natural highs through meditation, vigorous exercise, sex, and extreme sports.
  5. If you choose to or need to stay in the same environment, make any changes that may be helpful for your ongoing success, such as distancing yourself from old friends, changing your phone number, deleting your social media accounts, and staying away from any people, places, or things that will make you think about drugs.
  6. Find a same-sex therapist who you admire and respect.

We encourage you to stay in touch via Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook for continual support after your stay with us.

Do You Need Someone To Talk To? Don’t Hesitate In Reaching Out.