Our Program

Our Process

At the Naltrexone Implant Center we have a simple process to help get you onto the road of addiction recovery.

Seeking Help

The first step is acknowledging that you have an addiction and that you need help overcoming it.

Recovering from any type of addiction takes a lot of self-discipline and commitment. Our team at the Naltrexone Implant Center wants you to know that you are not alone. We will walk you through our entire recovery process and get you into recovery as soon as possible.


Before you receive the OLANI, you will first need to detox.

You may choose to detox under our care at the Naltrexone Implant Center. Refer to our detox page or contact us to discuss the detox options. Once you have detoxed, you can immediately be fitted for your OLANI.


Upon returning home, it’s a great idea to create some goals for yourself and to set yourself up for success.

During your year with the OLANI, work to eliminate, or at least reduce, the factors that caused you to reach for drugs and/or alcohol. We also recommend experiencing meaningful therapy with someone you admire and respect.

Do You Need Someone To Talk To? Don’t Hesitate In Reaching Out.