Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Naltrexone Implant Center located?

The Naltrexone Implant Center is located in the beautiful Bahamas. Your treatment program’s price will include all of your local transportation within the Bahamas, as well as your accommodations in our treatment facility.

What is Naltrexone therapy?

At the Naltrexone Implant Center we utilize Dr. O’Neil’s Long Acting Naltrexone Implant to provide you with steady doses of naltrexone for plus or minus one year. Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist, meaning that it blocks the effects of opiates and minimizes cravings.

How much does Naltrexone therapy cost?

At the Naltrexone Implant Center, we offer you two treatment plans. All expenses, including the implant, procedure, any medical tests that you may need, meals, local travel, and accommodations for you and a loved one are included in the price of the OLANI. Our second option also includes the cost of our detox treatment. The cost of travel to the Bahamas is not included in the price. For specific pricing, please contact us.

Is detoxing painful with the implant?

Combining the OLANI with our in-house buprenorphine taper makes detoxing relatively painless. Your cravings will be minimal and you will be surrounded by physicians and staff members who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in addiction detoxing.

What types of addiction do you treat?

At the Naltrexone Implant Center we focus on opiate/opioid addictions, but our OLANI has also proven to be effective in the treatment of alcohol and methamphetamine addictions.

Why is it important I eliminate or reduce my cravings?

Cravings can be debilitating to your recovery success. By reducing the urge for drugs and alcohol, you will give yourself the mental space and ability to focus to rebuild your personal life.

Why Is the OLANI better than oral naltrexone?

While oral naltrexone works to help eliminate addiction, it isn’t reliable. For the naltrexone pill to work properly, you must choose to take it every single day. With just one missed pill your addiction cravings could override your wish to recover. This is why the OLANI is so beneficial to recovering addicts. You no longer have to worry about taking your pill; the implant will consistently release a steady low dosage of naltrexone into your body for plus or minus one year. This means that for a year, you won’t have to worry about those cravings tempting you to use drugs and alcohol once again.

I have a question that isn’t on this FAQ page?

Please contact our center so that one of our experienced and knowledgeable physicians or staff members can get you the answers you need.