Naltrexone Location Information

Our Naltrexone Implant Center is located in the gorgeous Bahamas. We understand that for the majority of our patients, travel will be a must. Here are a few helpful resources for planning your trip to the Bahamas.

Average Weather Temperatures
  • January: Low of 69°, High of 74°
  • February: Low of 69°, High of 74°
  • March: Low of 65°, High of 81°
  • April: Low of 68°, High of 83°
  • May: Low of 71°, High of 86°
  • June: Low of 74°, High of 89°
  • July: Low of 76°, High of 90°
  • August: Low of 76°, High of 91°
  • September: Low of 75°, High of 90°
  • October: Low of 73°, High of 87°
  • November: Low of 69°, High of 83°
  • December: Low of 66°, High of 80°

If you are booking your flight to the Bahamas, please consult these websites to search for the best prices, days, and times available to you.


Your accommodations will be included in the cost of your implant. However, if you wish to stay in Nassau, Bahamas for longer than your treatment plan, we can often make arrangements for you to extend your stay with us at reasonable rates.

Alternatively We Recommend
  • Atlantis
  • Sandyport
  • The Ocean Club

If you have any other questions about your stay in the Bahamas, please contact our staff members so that they can help answer any and all of your questions.

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