Dr. O’Neil nominated for “Australian of the Year”

The following is a TV interview that was done when Dr. O’Neil was nominated for “Australian of the Year”. He came third. Kindly note, when this video was made Dr. O’Neil was giving patients two implants of 1.2gms. each. Now, like us, he gives patients two, or sometimes three, implants of 1.8gms.each, at the same daily dose, which is why they stay clean from opiates for a year……

Sober since 2007

During a recent trip to Australia, one of our team had the opportunity to hook up with a lady named Joey Hamilton. You can “meet” her too. She’s the brunette in the following “60 Minutes” documentary about binge drinking. At the end of the piece she can be seen getting implants from Dr. O’Neil. Since then she has not only been sober, but has gone from no school leaving certificate to a recently conferred Ph.D. Well done all concerned!